Everyone Should Set A Goal For Himself

To Achieve. And Without This Goal A Person Doesn't Deserve To Live.

Yassin El Shokeiry


Businessman Yassin El Shokeiry is an honorable Egyptian model and one of the most important economists who contributes to the Egyptian construction and prosperity. Yassin El Shokeiry is an Egyptian businessman who born at Soheg government, in 1928.He started his career traveling to European and American countries. He dealt in the countries’ debt stock, between buying and selling. Facing the fluctuation of markets between gain and loss. He is a self-made man who left Egypt with the decision that he would not return to Egypt until achieving great wealth. He was very hard-working and went through all the difficulties he had faced before coming back to Egypt. After his return to Egypt paid by the yearning to his homeland. And after achieving his goal. His main goal wasn’t the profit but help Egyptian people. Therefore, he decided to work and target various national projects, which open new fields of work for Egyptians and help them, especially young people. Most of his projects help Egyptian youth to find employment opportunities. Among these projects is “Sakan” Project for Real Estate funding, which provides loans to middle- and low-income youth to facilitate the acquisition of their own properties. In addition to the donations that he was keen to give as a permanent way to help the Egyptians to face life hardships. Businessman Yassin El Shokeiry is the Chairman of the "Yassin Holding" Group, which is a group of companies and considered as one of the first companies that contribute to the Egyptian economy. Yassin family owns shares at the Housing and Construction Bank. Since this bank aims to help the middle class of the Egyptian people. Also, Yassin El Shokeiry is considered one of the biggest investors in the Egyptian stock market.


Yassin El Shokeiry donates usually to institutions that help Egypt and its people. Between donations to national governmental and non-governmental institutions. Which in turn helps in the development and prosperity of the Egyptian economy, especially in the current economic conditions. Among these contributions are donations to:

Cairo University more than once and he was the first one who donates to the university.

Al-Azhar institution.

"Tahya Masr" Account.

Various number of public universities, hospitals and institutions.

Built an entire floor in Al-Azhar university for students’ residence.

"Arab Contractors" donated funds to be dedicated to national projects.


I will continue working for Egypt and the Egyptian people as long as I live, and I’m trying to open many projects to help hundreds of Egyptian families and to promote the Egyptian economy

Yassin El Shokeiry



According to Yassin El Shokeiry, every human should set a goal for himself to achieve, especially the next generation. Youth should set a goal in their mind to determine their destination and to assess whether they are progressing or not.


Yassin El Shokeiry believes in the importance of education and its influential role on the level of the individual and society. Any person must seek education in various ways. For his belief in the importance of education, most of his contributions went to educational institutions to help students and assist them to complete their educational path. He donated to the public universities, highlighting his donations more than once to Cairo University. Built an entire floor in Al-Azhar university for students’ residence. Also, motivated all his daughters and sons to complete their education path. Until they have reached masters and doctoral degrees from top Egyptian and international universities.


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